LWFF Laser Shad

This a fly that Chris recently pulled out of his hat for fly tying night. Matt came up with this awesome color scheme and we know that this fly will imitate a wide range of baitfish! The Laser Shad is easy to tie and extremely effective on our local water — try it on your favorite fishery and let us know how it does!

LWFF Glow Bug Egg

This pattern is one of our favorite attractor patterns for Guadalupe River trout. Its simple to tie and you can finish a dozen in no time at all once you learn the basics of the pattern. Although, there are many different ways to tie this fly, we tie our version completely on the top side of the hook in order to keep the hook gap clear for good hook sets!

Finn Raccoon Clouser

A great variation of the reliable Clouser baitfish pattern. The Finn Raccoon allows the fly to breathe much better in the water. This is a fantastic all-water fly for the area, but works particularly well for the white bass run in the late winter / early spring. Give these a try and let us know how you do!

Jim’s Damsel

This fly was originally tied by our good friend Jim Gray. We sell it in the shop under the name “Jim’s Damsel” to give credit where credit was due. It is a simple fly to tie and has caught just about every freshwater species we have cast it at! This is our #1 central Texas carp fly as well! Tie a few up for your box and send us pictures of the results!