The Guadalupe River is truly one of the most unique rivers in all of Texas!  From its source in the hill country all the way to its impoundment at Canyon Lake it fishes just like every other hill country warm water river; however, below Canyon Dam everything changes.  While bass and sunfish are still present the real draw for most fly fishers is the year-round population of rainbow trout!  Rainbow trout in Texas…yes, you read that correctly.  In fact the Guadalupe River is a true tailwater or tailrace (river that flows below a dammed body of water) fishery and is home to the only fishable, year-round trout population in Texas.  Although Texas Parks and Wildlife stocks many small lakes, ponds, and rivers with rainbow trout in the winter of each year, the trout are typically no longer present by the end of April, this is not the case with the Guadalupe River.

As long as the water temperature remains below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the trout in the Guadalupe persist and are able to be pursued by fly fisherman.  Trout fishing seasons usually starts around the middle of November and runs through late May.  Depending on the amount of water released from the lake, the trout fishing can last all summer long and trout mortality will be minimal during a high-release year.  The trout that make it through the summer are called “holdovers,“ they develop beautiful coloration and can provide some spectacular dry fly fishing throughout the summer, weather permitting.  Whether winter, spring, summer, or fall there are always trout in the Guadalupe!


*Half Day Float (4 hours) $375

Full Day Float (8 hours) $525

Rate based on 1 or 2 anglers. 

*Summer season, warmwater species only. 



Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout

Spring, Summer, Fall

Smallmouth Bass, Guadalupe Bass, Largemouth Bass,

Striped Bass, Rock Bass, Sunfish