The often overlooked and seldom fly fished Brushy Creek can produce some of our most memorable days of fishing.  This little creek runs right through the heart of Round Rock and in fact bears the city’s namesake, a large round rock anchored securely to the limestone creek bed.  This rock was used as a landmark on the Chisholm Trail during the pioneer days.  The iconic rock designated a safe place to ford the creek and even today the solid limestone streambed bears wagon wheel ruts of times past.  Brushy Creek has a rich history and its future looks great considering the amount of park land and greenbelt that makes up its banks.

This is our “home water” and we now have the privilege of not only guiding the creek, but also operating a fly shop just mere seconds from its cool, clear water!  Unlike most rivers throughout the Texas hill country, Brushy Creek fishes more like a coldwater trout stream than a warm water bass creek.  This one fact gives little Brushy Creek a very special place in the hearts of many local fly fishers.  Brushy’s bass and sunfish key in on insect hatches with amazing regularity and believe it or not it there are days where you can almost time the hatch to the minute!  The creek is always changing and its fish are always keyed in on some sort of prey — matching the hatch and enjoying a day of fishing Brushy Creek is always a pleasure.


 Half Day Wade (4 hours) $300

 Full Day Wade (8 hours) $450

Rates based on 1 angler. 

Add $100 for each additional angler, up to 3 max per guide.


 Guadalupe Bass, Largemouth Bass, Rio Grande Cichlids,

Redbreast Sunfish, Redear Sunfish, Longear Sunfish, Bluegill Sunfish, Green Sunfish,

Warmouth, Carp