Trip Prep

Living Waters Fly Fishing is proud to be a family-owned and family-friendly outfitter. We do not allow alcohol or smoking/vaping on our fly shop premises or on our guided trips. We are also a catch-and-release only service. Thank you for your cooperation.

Flies, leaders and tippet, and drinks are included in the price of all guided trips. Equipment is also available upon request. Lunch is provided for full day excursions A cooler will be available for any additional snacks you’d like to pack.

Pre-Trip Packing List

Texas Fishing License (17 and over)

Quick-dry long sleeve shirts and pants (no jeans).

Wading shoes/boots



Polarized sunglasses (copper or amber lenses)

Pre-Trip Practice

Casting! Practice distance, accuracy, and form in several different casts. (overhead, roll cast, sidearm, etc…)  Making good presentations will catch you more fish than having the “right” fly.

Spotting Fish!  Sometimes when you are off the water for awhile, seeing fish underwater can be  a challenge.  In order to spot them faster, grab your polarized glasses, head to some clear water in your area, and go fish hunting!  Bring a rod as well so you can practice sight casting!

Stealth! There are times that fish will become startled by loud wading, un-natural movement, shadows, etc.  In order to make sure that you get the most out of your guided trip, practice being stealthy in your approach.  Things to remember:  Stay low, wade softly, avoid quick movements, don’t cast your shadow on a fish, wear natural colored clothing.

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